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What should I do if I suspect fraud?
What should I do if I suspect fraud?
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A transaction is considered fraudulent when it has not been authorized by the credit card holder, and these types of transactions can become a chargeback, causing money losses for your business.

When you suspect a possible fraudulent transaction, follow the steps below:

  • Stop the purchase and do not deliver the product or service.

  • Validate the buyer's contact information and make sure it is real.

  • Check that the billing address is the same as the delivery address (only applies to product sales).

  • Use our transaction validation tool.

If you are unable to validate the transaction, it is important to return the transaction as soon as possible, only then you can minimize the chances of not becoming a chargeback.

Apply control and review processes in your transactions through PagueloFacil's control panel. Check our fraud prevention guide so you can be alert of your transactions.

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