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10.4 - Absent card environment
10.4 - Absent card environment
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Flow: Allocation


Cardholder asserts that an unauthorized transaction occurred without the physical card involved.

There are two important time limits when a chargeback is given:

1. Time limit for filing the chargeback: The maximum amount of time that can elapse between the date the transaction is processed and the date the dispute is processed is 120 calendar days.

2. Time limit to represent the chargeback: The merchant has between 5 and 10 calendar days to provide evidence to support the disputed transaction.

What evidence is needed to respond?

  • If you requested CVV2 during the payment process.

  • If the card was validated with PagueloFacil's random charge validation mechanism. This system is used as a validation of the buyer's identity. Since it certifies that it is the credit card holder who is making the payment.

  • If you have a capture from the online banking of the cardholder where the charge and the name of the card issuing bank are shown. This support is used as support and validation of the buyer's identity. It certifies that it is the cardholder who is making the payment.

  • If you have already processed a refund for the transaction in question, please provide documentation that you have credited the cardholder's account. We recommend making all refunds directly to the credit card through your PagueloFacil account.

  • If the cardholder no longer wishes to dispute the transaction, please provide documentation that the problem has been resolved. Signed letter from the cardholder stating that he/she acknowledges the charge, with a copy of the ID.

  • Exclusive case with Visa: If the cardholder was authenticated with Visa Secure (formerly Verified by Visa) and you requested CVV2 during the payment process, provide documentation that the cardholder's identity was verified.

How can I avoid this dispute in the future?

  • Use the risk information provided by PagueloFacil, from your account, in the Transactions section.

  • Perform a daily review of your transactions before delivering a product or providing a service to verify the identity of the cardholder, detect possible criminal activities and reduce the risk of accepting unauthorized transactions.

  • Validate data such as telephone number and e-mail address are real.

  • Inform your customer that the payment will be reflected in their account as

  • If a transaction has a high risk level, perform card validation by random charge.

  • Only deliver the product to the credit card holder. At the time of delivery, ask to show the card (front only) and identification and validate that the data match.

  • If the buyer requires another person to pick up or receive the product, require an online banking capture showing the charge and name of the card issuing bank or use random charge validation.

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