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My movements
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With your PagueloFacil account you will be able to view and download all your transactions at any time you want. The transactions section covers all the movements that affect your account balance. All fund requests, service payments, card recharges, transactions, ect... will be reflected.

You will be able to find your account statement (your account movements):

1. Entering your PagueloFacil account.

2. In the Balance section, choose My account statement subsection.

3. You will find a summary and history of your movements.

4. Under the movements title, you will find 3 buttons with different actions:



Allows you to filter your transactions by date.


Allows you to download all your transactions in excel workbook format.


Allows you to download all your transactions in csv format.

5. Click on the download button with the pending notification (the down arrow with the green dot blinking) and tap on the transaction file to download it.

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